While many beauty products are contained in non-biodegradable plastic which often ends up polluting our rivers and oceans and damaging biodiversity, we opt to store our sustainable skincare formulas in Miron violet glass. Its infinite recyclability moves us towards zero waste, and it also serves to preserve the quality of our products.


Packaging is not just a minor detail to us, but an opportunity to bring you products that are truly sustainable. The boxes used in our skincare packaging are printed on recycled materials in Canada, and we go one step further to reduce our environmental footprint by purchasing carbon credits in order to make our boxes completely carbon neutral.


The pure plant oils and extracts we use come from Ecocert certified organic farms that adhere to the strictest sustainability standards. This means they don’t use environmentally damaging or potentially harmful pesticides and fertilisers, resulting in the protection of local biodiversity and final skincare products that are safer for you to use.

Find out more about EcoCert Here.


Our skincare products are made using green chemistry wherever and whenever possible. What does it mean for chemistry to be green? It indicates practices that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture, and application of chemical products, and it includes the use of sustainable resources and alternatives.

Our green chemistry efforts include:

What's that?

RECYCLE with us!

  1. Separate pump and pipettes from bottles, remove labels if you can.
  2. Rinse bottles
  3. Place bottles in your recycling bin
  4. Dispose of pumps – the cleanser pump is multi-material, so unfortunately cannot be recycled.
  5. All paper material and boxes can be recycled