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Everyday Muslins

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No idea where to get muslin cloths or why you might want them? We’ve got you covered. Use our Everyday Muslins set to have a fresh, fully organic cotton cloth for every day of the week so that you can be gentle with your skin at home or on the go, wherever you are! Why use harsh, processed textiles on your skin when you can use these instead?

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How to use

Use with Active Clay Cleanser to gently exfoliate and increase blood flow to the skin, to reveal a radiant complexion.


  • Physically exfoliates the top layer of skin without causing damage.
  • Steam face, to help open pores and get the best results from your skincare.
  • Can be used with Active Clay Cleanser and Miracle Oil, to cleanse face and remove makeup.


  • Our Muslin Cloths are SOIL certified organic, meaning no synthetic fertilizers/pesticides were used in the production of the cotton in our muslin cloths. They are reusable, and made from unbleached organic cotton.