At Étymologie, we are passionate about using botanical science to create products that deliver real results. All of the active ingredients you find in our products have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are powerful and effective. We combine these actives with gentle, natural, and organic plant-based ingredients to create formulas that your skin will simply love.

A special Étymologie touch comes in our use of innovative ingredients like probiotics and botanical sources of hyaluronic acid. We are always researching new ideas that make a significant difference when it comes to natural benefits for the skin and sustainable sourcing options.


There is a distinct link between gut health and skin health – and probiotic supplementation has evolved from the gut to the skin. Several studies have shown a topical application of probiotics to the skin, can have visible beauty benefits.

Skin benefits

Probiotics or “good bacteria” can outcompete “bad bacteria” on the skin, and form a protective layer protecting the skin from harmful, inflammation inducing micro-organisms. Thus, topical probiotic supplementation can help alleviate inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea and acne.There is also evidence that certain strains of probiotics can help promote collagen formation and increase skin hydration – reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Preservatives get a bad rap for being “nasty chemical” things that are toxic for us and the environment. Our products are proud to include safe, natural preservatives to keep your products fresh and functioning throughout their intended shelf life.


This high-performance packaging keeps your products preserved for longer, maintaining their potency throughout their shelf-life. Unlike regular glass, or even amber glass, Miron glass completely blocks out the full spectrum of visible light and selectively blocks UVB rays, both of which contribute to increased product degradation.

They are also completely air-tight which further improves the preservation system by preventing potentially contaminating micro-organisms from getting in contact with the formula.


Our formulas are tested to ensure they retain their potency throughout their intended shelf-life. We undertake 3 months of rigorous stability testing at different temperatures to ensure our products are resistant to any potentially harmful mirco-organisms that could negatively effect product function, or cause skin irritation. If a product doesn’t meet these requirements, we’ll head back to the lab until we’ve perfected it. We don’t release any products we are not 100% confident in!