On a mission for sustainable, results-driven beauty, Étymologie sources high-performance natural and organic ingredients from around the world to create exquisite skincare formulas. As a long-time adult-acne sufferer I sought to create elegant skin care products for all skin types, with a focus on acne-prone skin types, dealing with the first signs of ageing. 

Our Active Clay Cleanser, Bakuchiol Serum and Vitamin B3 Balancing Mask help treat and prevent active blemishes, whilst simultaneously rejuvenating the skin; our Probiotic Vitamin Serum helps treat scarring and hyper-pigmentation left from past breakouts in addition to providing potent antioxidant protect; our Total Hydration Serum helps plump and hydrate all skin types, and our Organic Moringa Seed Oil provides intense moisturization to those struggling with dry skin.

To bring a scientific approach to the development of Étymologie, I completed my MSc in Food Science at McGill University to learn more about the interaction of food, nutrition and botanical extracts on skin health and overall well-being. My goal is to create complex formulas that yield long-term results on the skin and are kind to the planet. I’m happy to introduce you to Étymologie and I hope you enjoy discovering our unique products.



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We named the brand ÉTYMOLOGIE because in the same way you can trace the etymology of a word back to its origin, we can trace our products back to the fields, orchards and laboratories who helped create them.

Sustainable beauty made in Canada 🍁

Étymologie is formulated in Montreal and manufactured in Rocky Mountain hugged Calgary, Alberta.