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We named the brand ÉTYMOLOGIE because in the same way you can trace the etymology of a word back to its origin, we can trace our products back to the fields, orchards and laboratories who helped create them.


Étymologie was founded by Raquela Cheesmond as a solution for her sensitive, acne-prone skin and the desire to create a sustainable, high-performance skincare line.  Her inspiration and passion for sustainability, green beauty and science all started while studying biochemistry and food science at McGill University in Montreal.

“As a scientist I’m passionate about using research to create effective products made up of ingredients that do not irritate the skin and are safe for the environment.

The well-being of our planet is very important to me, which is why I try to make sustainable choices on a daily basis and support companies that share these values.  It’s also why sustainability is a key driver behind Étymologie, from the natural and organic ingredients we source to the infinitely recyclable glass bottles and carbon-neutral packaging we use.

I have launched Étymologie’s first products to be suitable for all skin-types and gentle enough to use daily, even on sensitive skin.”

Sustainable beauty made in Canada 🍁

Étymologie is formulated in Montreal and manufactured in Rocky Mountain hugged Calgary, Alberta.