Welcome to ‘Giving Tuesday’, where we take a moment to highlight our partnership with a local non-profit organization. Every purchase of our Miracle Moringa Oil will donate 4% of profits to Artistri Sud.

Artistri Sud is an organization based in Montreal that seeks to empower women artisans in developing countries to fight poverty through entrepreneurship. They have developed an entrepreneurial program that enables these women to leverage their existing capabilities for income generation and creating sustainable livelihoods for themselves. When they are given the opportunity to achieve greater financial autonomy, they are empowered to exert a positive influence in their families as well as their communities.

Women in developing countries are ranked among the poorest and most marginalized people in the world. Artistri Sud chooses to work with these women because they believe that helping them to use their indigenous knowledge and skills will not only boost their own financial autonomy but will have a significant impact on the national and global economy. The entrepreneurial program aims to help them identify these opportunities to improve their standard of living. When they earn their own income, they invest in the health, nutrition and education of all their children no matter their gender.

One-of-a-kind Handmade Travel Bag, Each is Unique.

As a female-owned and run business, we at Étymologie are so proud to have sprung an exclusive partnership with Artistri Sud and the women who participate in their program to collaborate on an original hand-dyed and hand-stitched design. The perfect travel companion, compact enough to fit in any suitcase, and large enough to house the entire Étymologie collection.With an unbelievable breadth of proficiency and expertise, each travel bag is unique; a pattern made not by a machine but by an intelligent and powerful woman. Every purchase of a travel bag supports Artistri Sud in their mission to give women in developing countries the chance to shape their lives and further their prosperity.

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