3 Step Evening Routine For Dry Skin


If I’m being honest, I am often tempted to skip my evening skincare routine, especially after a long day. It is so easy to bend to the exhaustion and simply jump into bed without removing my  makeup. However, I have seen a significant improvement in my skin when I actually take the time to at least cleanse and moisturize my face at the end of the day. 

As a person with dry skin, I have learned the value of making sure my skin is properly  cleansed and hydrated and have devised a quick and simple evening skincare routine that I can stick to, that keeps my skin hydrated and happy!



In order to effectively cleanse my skin I start with the Active Clay Cleanser. This formula is non-foaming, so it doesn’t strip the natural oils from my face while cleansing, and the coconut oil-based surfactants will not over-dry my skin and leave it feeling tight or irritated. I must point out that this cleanser is annoyingly addictive. If ever I run out of this stuff and use a random cleanser/soap, my skin is not happy and turns on me very quickly. Seriously, finding the right cleanser for your skin type is a game changer.



Although I may submit to the laziness and not follow my cleanse with hydration, that is not what I reccomened. With my dry skin, water simply disappears into my face and she turns dry and rough very quickly if I don’t hydrate her. So once I have cleansed my skin, I apply about half a pipette of Total Hydration Serum. By far my favourite product in the collection, it contains 3 different types of hyaluronic acid, as well as some awesome ingredients such as caviar lime, kigelia extract and devil’s claw – ingredients I’ve never heard of before which help brighten, hydrate and clam the skin. This serum is also an incredible tactile experience, with its gel-like texture you can actually feel your skin changing to be plumper and softer. Enough said.



If you have a dry skin type then you know, hydration is important and moisture makes all the difference. As a final step in my evening routine, I moisturize my skin with Miracle Moringa Oil. This super-concentrated, 100% cold-pressed and organic oil requires no more than a few drops to effectively moisturize my whole face. I love a product that proves a little really does go a long way. With just a few drops your skin will get the intense moisture it needs while being fast-absorbing and without leaving any greasy residue. Bye bye flaky, dry skin!

Written by Georgina Faber, Sales & Marketing Director at Étymologie.

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    • raquela says:

      At the moment we sell the products individually, on our shop page, but we will be launching product bundles very soon! If dryness is your main skin concern, I’d suggest the Miracle Moringa Oil be the one product you add to your routine. Xx Raquela

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