Daily Routine for Oily & Acne-Prone Skin

Daily routine for oily & acne prone skin

There is something to be said about finding the best products for your skin type. As someone with an oily/acne-prone skin type, I can freely admit that this is a challenging skin type to deal with. Most products are either too harsh and dry out my skin, or too gentle and are not effective enough. I have tried and tested too many products and extreme measures clinical or otherwise to deal with my cystic acne. What I have mainly learned is that your skin is affected by various factors including stress or diet, and that a scientifically effective product can help mitigate the extent of how these factors affect your oily/acne-prone skin type. 

As the founder of Étymologie, and the key formulator for each product, I wanted to create a line that offered effective relief whether you have a dry, oily or mature skin type. And so, I wanted to share my Étymologie routine for keeping my oily/acne-prone skin happy and as clear as can be!


I know, I know, we cannot mention this enough and you have heard it more times that you can count and I will repeat it anyway. It is very important that you wash your face twice daily, and to double cleanse at night  – once to remove sunscreen and makeup, and a second time to actually cleanse your skin. Double cleansing is a game changer, and has really helped keep my breakouts at bay. I love our Active Clay Cleanser as it exfoliates with fruit enzymes and willow bark extract, and cleanses with gentle, non-foaming coconut oil based soaps that don’t dry out or irritate the skin.


Just because I have an oily skin type does not mean that a hyaluronic acid serum is useless or that my skin doesn’t need to be hydrated – most people with oily skin actually have dehydrated skin (i.e. lacking water). Our Total Hydration Serum provides lightweight hydration with 3 types of vegan hyaluronic acid,  plus it contains extracts of hibiscus and caviar lime which gently exfoliate the skin, helping to keep pores clear and prevent the formation of blemishes. 


I like to keep it simple, and stick to one targeted serum at a time, to really let the active ingredients shine and to reduce the potential for irritation. Our Bakuchiol Cannabis Sativa Serum contains 2% salicylic acid and 3% bakuchiol to help stimulate cell turnover and prevent pores becoming clogged (a major cause of acne and blemishes). Our proprietary blend of antibacterial plant extracts helps destroy acne causing bacteria to treat existing breakouts, and organic hemp seed and black cumin seed oils moisturize and nourish skin, to prevent the skin drying out or becoming irritated from the high-concentration of potent active ingredients in this formula.  Bye bye breakouts!

Written by Raquela Cheesmond, Founder & Formulator at Étymologie